Photo by   Eddie Einbender-Luks

Photo by  Eddie Einbender-Luks

NAGP is  a grassroots volunteer neighborhood group, with most members currently living in Northwest Philadelphia.  NAGP opposes SEPTA's plan to build a polluting fracked gas power plant at 4130 Wissahickon Avenue, or any other gas plant in residential areas of Philadelphia.  According to Air Management Services, if SEPTA operates this gas plant, the project will be putting 81.6 tons of toxic emissions into the air.  That figure does not include continued release of fumes from 8 boilers, and diesel buses at their bus depot, next to the gas plant site, on SEPTA's property. We oppose SEPTA’s project because it would be an assault on public health. The plant would burn a fossil fuel, and contribute to climate change.  We consider the PA Constitutional right to breathe to be a human, a civil, and an environmental justice issue.